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You will see everything that happens in church through the lens of scripture



Your compassion will grow as God’s love transforms how you relate to others 




Your commitment to Christ’s purposes for your church will deepen



You will receive renewed confidence as your heart and motives are purified by biblical truth

Simply Life Changing!

Break free from the bonds of destructive church conflict and discover how God’s Word brings inner healing, renewed hope and powerful fellowship for challenging times.  Thoroughly biblical and exceedingly practical, Church Conflict by the Book enables you to understand and extinguish the flames of conflict – beginning in your own heart.

If you care deeply about the health and effectiveness of your congregation, Church Conflict by the Book is a must-read.  After all, conflict is a matter of “when” and not “if.”  Even if everything is peaceful in your church today, now is the best time to prepare for the future.

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